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How to take photos of the damage on your vehicle

Tips on Photography

Fortunately, you don’t need high-level photography equipment or experience to get the photos right. You just need to know exactly what to photograph, and use a few basic imaging techniques along the way.

What to photograph

Tip #1: Capture the corners.

Tip #2: Capture the license plate and VIN.

Tip #3: Capture all collision-related damage.

Tip #4: Capture all unrelated damage.

Tip #5: Photograph the dash.

Tip #6: Photograph damaged parts.

Consider light and shade

Proper lighting is extremely important in order to capture photos with the best possible clarity. You need enough light to see details in the image, but not too much light that it causes glare.

City Auto had several instances when photos needed to be retaken multiple times because it’s difficult to know whether a camera flash is needed the first time around.

To avoid rework, take two shots of each photo you capture – one with the flash and one without. Compare both images on your computer screen to assess which technique illustrates the most detail.


Car-Craft TV Commercial

Car Craft television advertisement promoting its Members and the services they provide.

Paint for your vehicle matched exactly



Understanding the nature of colour theory and the considerations that affect colour are essential in achieving a blendable match.

City Auto Repair uses the best paint and finish products PPG is our preferred paint and finish products. PPG is acknowledged as a world leader in automotive refinishing.

We use the best, with it we do our best.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and continue to strive to stay at the forefront of the industry. We assess and deal with Crash Repairs of all kinds, Quality Workmanship, Repaints and Specialist Car Work. We offer all of this along with Fabulous Customer Service.



Today’s modern vehicles are fitted with automotive systems that offer driving aids that may help prevent some accident scenarios. As with all safety systems, proper analysing of the system to ensure they are functioning correctly after the repair. The challenge for today’s collision repairers is to understand the complexities of advanced systems and be able to analyse them and perform a complete and safe repair.

With the help of I-CAR Australia, we take part in training sessions for newly released vehicles and technology. Manufacturers release the course information to the industry to comply with standards. We keep up to date so we are ready for any vehicle needing repair.

Typical training topics :
  • Structural outline and steel identification
  • Heating and Welding recommendations
  • Repair or replace considerations
  • Disabling and Enabling SRS systems
  • Special Repair Methods
  • Special Tools Required
  • Computerized components



102-104 Deshon Street, Woolloongabba, since 1978.


City Auto Repair Service is owned and operated by brothers Peter and Danny Elisseos.

Both Danny and Peter have extensive vehicle repair experience. Their combination of skills makes them the ideal management partnership for City Auto Repair Service.

Easy access premises with parking

The front office offers a comfortably furnished waiting area for clients and visitors. The two large steel buildings are subject to a fully monitored security system protection in place. At the rear there is a fully concreted and fenced holding yard.

City Auto Repair Serice is part of the Car Craft group.